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snook 1

 (sno͝ok, sno͞ok)
n. pl. snook or snooks
Any of several chiefly marine fishes of the family Centropomidae, especially Centropomus undecimalis, a food and game fish of warm Atlantic waters. Also called robalo, sergeant fish.

[Dutch snoek, pike, from Middle Dutch snoec.]

snook 2

 (sno͝ok, sno͞ok)
A gesture of derision or defiance.
cock a snook/snoot Chiefly British
To thumb one's nose: "[The clock] is set wrong and hung crooked, as if to cock a snook at the importance of time" (Kevin Crossley-Holland).

[Origin unknown.]


n, pl snook or snooks
1. (Animals) any of several large game fishes of the genus Centropomus, esp C. undecimalis of tropical American marine and fresh waters: family Centropomidae (robalos)
2. (Animals) Austral the sea pike Australuzza novaehollandiae
[C17: from Dutch snoek pike]


cock a snook
a. to make a rude gesture by putting one thumb to the nose with the fingers of the hand outstretched
b. to show contempt by being insulting or offensive
[C19: of obscure origin]


(snuk, snʊk)

n., pl. (esp. collectively) snook, (esp. for kinds or species) snooks.
any of various warm-water marine fishes of the family Centropomidae, esp. Centropomus undecimalis, of the Atlantic.
[1690–1700; < Dutch snoek]


(snʊk, snuk)

a gesture of defiance, disrespect, or derision made by thumbing the nose.
cock a snook, to thumb the nose.
[1875–80; orig. uncertain]
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.snook - large tropical American food and game fishes of coastal and brackish waters; resemble pike
Centropomidae, family Centropomidae - a family of fish or the order Perciformes including robalos
robalo - a kind of percoid fish


[snuːk] N to cock a snook at sb (fig) → hacer un palmo de narices a algn, hacer burlas a algn


[snuːk] n (Brit) (fam) to cock a snook at sbfare marameo a qn, prendere in giro qn
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Finally, fines should be meted out as a deterrent as these people are just cocking a snook at the law.
HIP: and Director Noah Baumbach cements his status as the spiritual successor to Woody Allen by cocking a snook at hipsters in this sly but awfully funny comedy.
The enemy remains impervious behind its ramparts, cocking a snook at all my efforts, throwing back at me my own brave but foolish words: 'Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough.
By continuing his friendship with a man linked to one of the most toxic scandals in recent British history, Mr Cameron could be said to be cocking a snook at the court of public opinion.
By doing so, they are discouraging people from pursuing renewable energy solutions and cocking a snook at the government's environmental agenda.
The idea was great but many were worried that crime lords, gangland villains and drug dealers would be able to continue to hide their loot and continue to live their millionaire lifestyles while cocking a snook to society.
TUNING in to Radio Merseyside today (Friday), I''m not sure whether to hail the station for cocking a snook at ageism and promoting the oldies (as in people, not records
the death toll is steadily rising and yet the MoD wants to fork out "good performance" bonuses to civil servants while cocking a snook at our heroes.