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a. The shell of a cockle.
b. A shell similar to that of a cockle.
2. Nautical A small light boat.


1. (Zoology) the shell of the cockle
2. (Zoology) any of the valves of the shells of certain other bivalve molluscs, such as the scallop
3. (Nautical Terms) any small light boat
4. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a badge worn by pilgrims


(ˈkɒk əlˌʃɛl)

1. the shell of a cockle.
2. the shell of any other bivalve mollusk.
3. any light or frail boat.
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Noun1.cockleshell - a small light flimsy boat
small boat - a boat that is small


[ˈkɒklʃel] N
1. (= shell) → concha f de berberecho
2. (= boat) → cascarón m de nuez
References in classic literature ?
What queer fellows your fine painters must be, to think that anybody would venture their lives in such a shapeless old cockleshell as that?
Thus, then, did these three worthies embark in their cockleshell of a skiff upon this nocturnal expedition, with a wisdom and valor equaled only by the three wise men of Gotham,[1] who adventured to sea in a bowl.
Napoleon steps aboard of a little cockleshell, a mere nothing of a skiff, called the Fortune, and in the twinkling of an eye, and in the teeth of the English, who were blockading the place with vessels of the line and cruisers and everything that carries canvas, he lands in France for he always had the faculty of taking the sea at a stride.
She remembered a merry, youthful dream about the Last Judgment when the cockleshell vehicle rattled in and she got on the swaying birdcage, from whose metal planking the post-Soviet blue paint had long peeled off in the course of the many hundred thousand kilometers of running amok, when all of a sudden her former colleague B, thirty years her senior, appeared in front of her, whose reminiscings from the times of the Arrow-cross men and the Communist secret police were inscribed in her own memory, and whose anecdotes they would always share at department meetings in the golden olden days of Kadar.
A BRAVE commando who was shot by the Germans after taking part in the Cockleshell Heroes raid on occupied France has been honoured with a statue.
Boat people adrift in their cockleshell crafts, Sailing Asian water in junks and rafts Found sanctuary lacking in crowded Hong Kong Surely humanity can right this wrong?
But for a more lively day at the beach then head to Cockleshell Bay where you can enjoy a variety of different watersports and grab a water taxi over to Nevis.
An awful lot of people haven't but if I refer to the Cockleshell Heroes that will trigger a rather wider response, especially if you're of my generation and remember the 1955 film with Trevor Howard, a great movie though it did take frightful liberties.
He is best known for playing servicemen in films such as Cockleshell Heroes.
In addition, industry partners Information Assurance Specialists, Echo Analytics Group and Cockleshell Corporation will be onsite to demonstrate how their capabilities integrate with Cubics comprehensive solutions.
Follow the footpath through the dunes to a junction then continue along a cockleshell path for some distance to a wide green track.
Mr Arnold said he had been inspired by the memorial to the Cockleshell Heroes, unveiled at Woodside by Lord Paddy Ashdown, the former Lib Dem party leader.