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 (kŏk′lôft′, -lŏft′)
A small loft, garret, or attic.

[Probably from its use as a roosting place.]


(Architecture) a small loft, garret, or attic


(ˈkɒkˌlɔft, -ˌlɒft)

a small attic; garret.
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Noun1.cockloft - a small loft or garret
attic, garret, loft - floor consisting of open space at the top of a house just below roof; often used for storage
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It was not, however, until he had drifted a great distance that he ventured to ply his oars, when he made his skiff dart like an arrow through the strait of Hell Gate, never heeding the danger of Pot, Frying Pan, nor Hog's Back itself, nor did he feel himself thoroughly secure until safely nestled in bed in the cockloft of the ancient farmhouse of the Suydams.
Beneficiaries must be renting rooms, cubicles, cocklofts or bedspaces in private buildings, excluding industrial and commercial buildings, on a monthly basis or for longer tenures; renting bedspaces under the Home Affairs Department's Singleton Hostel Programme; residing in temporary housing; or, be homeless.
For those renting rooms, cubicles, cocklofts or bedspaces in private buildings, their average monthly rent in the past three months should not exceed the specified rental limit.