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1. Completely sure; certain.
2. Too sure; overconfident.

cock′sure′ly adv.
cock′sure′ness n.


(ˌkɒkˈʃʊə; -ˈʃɔː)
overconfident; arrogant
[C16: of uncertain origin]
ˌcockˈsurely adv
ˌcockˈsureness n


(ˈkɒkˈʃʊər, -ˈʃɜr)

1. absolutely sure; certain.
2. overconfident; cocky.
cock′sure′ly, adv.
cock′sure′ness, n.
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Adj.1.cocksure - marked by excessive confidence; "an arrogant and cocksure materialist"; "so overconfident and impudent as to speak to the queen"; "the less he knows the more positive he gets"
confident - having or marked by confidence or assurance; "a confident speaker"; "a confident reply"; "his manner is more confident these days"; "confident of fulfillment"


adjective overconfident, arrogant, brash, cocky, presumptuous, bumptious, hubristic, full of yourself a cocksure, self-confident performer
واثِقٌ بِنَفْسِهِ أكْثر مما يَنْبَغي
příliš jistýsebejistý
handviss; of viss
yüzde yüz emin olma


[ˈkɒkˈʃʊəʳ] ADJcreído, engreído


[ˌkɒkˈʃʊər ˌkɒkˈʃɔː] adj (= cocky) → outrecuidant(e)


[ˌkɒkˈʃʊəʳ] adjtroppo sicuro/a di sé, baldanzoso/a


(kok) noun
1. the male of birds, especially of the domestic fowl. a cock and three hens; (also adjective) a cock sparrow.
2. a kind of tap for controlling the flow of liquid, gas etc.
3. a slang word for the penis.
1. to cause to stand upright or to lift. The dog cocked its ears.
2. to draw back the hammer of (a gun).
3. to tilt up or sideways (especially a hat).
cockerel (ˈkokərəl) noun
a young farmyard cock.
ˈcocky adjective
conceited; over-confident. a cocky attitude.
cock-and-bull story
an absurd, unbelievable story.
ˈcock-crow noun
early morning. He gets up at cock-crow.
ˈcock-eyed adjective
ridiculous. a cock-eyed idea.
ˌcockˈsure adjective
very or too confident. He was cocksure about passing the exam.
References in classic literature ?
For in a desire to win quickly and to win much I can see nothing sordid; I have always applauded the opinion of a certain dead and gone, but cocksure, moralist who replied to the excuse that " one may always gamble moderately ", by saying that to do so makes things worse, since, in that case, the profits too will always be moderate.
Does it not strike you as a little singular that this McCarthy, who appears to have had little of his own, and to have been under such obligations to Turner, should still talk of marrying his son to Turner's daughter, who is, presumably, heiress to the estate, and that in such a very cocksure manner, as if it were merely a case of a proposal and all else would follow?
What an immense joke if Verloc had simply made fools of the whole of Europe, of the revolutionary world, of the police, of the press, and of the cocksure Professor as well.
And Sophia Antonovna's cocksure and contemptuous "some police-hound" was characteristically Russian in another way.
When an old adversary called Parallax re-emerges in the Lost Sector, venerated Green Lantern warrior Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison) is fatally wounded in the ensuring melee and his ring chooses cocksure United States Air Force test pilot Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) as a worthy successor.
Striker Jerome is certainly in a cocksure mood ahead of the trip to the capital and continues to ignore the club's doubters.
It's more a perception of Australia being cocksure over a long period of time.
The warm reception that former Birmingham striker Morrison received when his name was read out had turned to boos by the time he was substituted in the 80th minute after the cocksure Coventry forward had headed in the only goal of the game in the 53rd minute.
He blasted England as bad losers after our failure to land the 2018 World Cup sparked corruption claims - indicating Prince William and other bid leaders were too cocksure of success.
Taking the stage just before midnight, the current line-up, led by the cocksure MC Sir Real and excitable, have-it-large demands of founder Barry Ashworth, kept it raucous but tight - Sir Real spitting his controlled rhymes as precisely over the punchy funk of Official Chemical as the trumpet-heavy skank of Revitalise.
Voiceover narration, courtesy of Geoffrey Rush, establishes the existence of a band of intergalactic protectors known as the When an old adversary called Parallax reemerges in the Lost Sector, venerated Green Lantern warrior Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison) is fatally wounded in the ensuring melee and his ring chooses cocksure United States Air Force test pilot Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) as a worthy successor.
Or was he a cocksure cranker who bellied the ball from left to