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n. pl. co·co·bo·los
1. Any of certain trees of the genus Dahlbergia in the pea family, especially D. retusa of Central America and Mexico.
2. The hard durable wood of such a tree, deep orange-red with black streaking or mottling, used for small specialty items such as knife handles.

[Spanish, from Arawak kakabali.]
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Noun1.cocobolo - a valuable timber tree of tropical South America
Dalbergia, genus Dalbergia - large genus of tropical trees having pinnate leaves and paniculate flowers and cultivated commercially for their dramatically grained and colored timbers
granadilla wood - dark red hardwood derived from the cocobolo and used in making musical instruments e.g. clarinets
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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Cocobolo is a hardwood from Central America that comes from several related species of the genus Dalbergia.
The East Indian rosewood back and sides beautifully showcase a unique ribbon inlay of cocobolo and flamed mahogany.
Cocobolo timber is sturdy and yields some very interesting, beautiful figures.
Complete with Majestic's full-sized Picatinny rail, a lightweight, anodized "Bolt Racker" for smooth cycling, a Hi-Viz Express Sight System and Majestic's richly grained Cocobolo checkered grips, this pistol comes dressed to the nines right out of the box.
Finish: Parkerized Grips: Thinline cocobolo Sights: Novak (rear), red fiber optic (front) Trigger: Aluminum, single action, 4.
As a high schooler, he had his own acrylics made to copy his cocobolo wood designs and sold them to guides.
My favorite among my Beretta 92s is an Ernest Langdon-tuned specimen that wears handsome Hogue Cocobolo stocks, which you can order for your customer.
The conflict arose when Wounaan villagers tried to burn the equipment used by loggers in an attempt to stop them from extracting cocobolo wood, a Central American tropical hardwood that is orange or reddish-brown in color, often with a series of darker irregular traces.
com) which sells handmade gold, silver and shell jewellery plus reproductions of pre-Hispanic artefacts, Tagua nut carvings and cocobolo wood souvenirs.
With an orange Cocobolo riser with a curly maple flare through it, and curly maple limbs fadestained black to orange, the bow looks like a Bengal tiger.
Headlining the 'House of Wood' range are exquisite new hardwood products such asSnakewood, Birch Burl, Cocobolo, King Rosewood, Black Palmira and Olive, which areexpected to gather high interest from interior designers and consultants who arelooking for variety in elements to use in their projects.
One, pau ferro, is valued for violin bows; another, cocobolo, is a favorite for carving woodwinds.