coddled egg

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Noun1.coddled egg - egg cooked briefly in the shell in gently boiling water
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
hard-boiled egg, hard-cooked egg - an egg boiled gently until both the white and the yolk solidify
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A large wooden bowl was rubbed with garlic and anchovies, the Romaine lettuce was rolled in olive oil, coddled egg and lemon juice, the croutons and Parmesan were added, and the tuxedoed maEtre d' plated our individual salads himself.
Use a diet of light foods, such as juices, coddled egg (i.
A coddled egg with Maine crab and leeks (page 79) has become a traditional pre-Thanksgiving dinner treat for the Cardoz family and consequently a seasonal dish for guests of North End Grill.
We have wild garlic soup with a coddled egg and crispy salt and vinegar rice, and as a garnish with a John Dory dish cooking it down in a hot pan with some butter and serving it with creamed leeks underneath the fish.
This temptingly illustrated book takes you through the basics of how to boil an egg through simple snacks like coddled egg and crumpets, to supper party dishes and desserts like twice baked cheese and chive souffles or tropical fruit pavlovas.
Whether it's a raw egg or a coddled egg that's used in the traditional Caesar salad recipe, California restaurateurs can now make this dish once again without fear of breaking the law.
This we served with a coddled egg (slow cooked in the shell so when cracked open you get a poached look but a boiled egg taste as there is no flavour loss into the water) with a nice runny yolk and crisp smoked streaky bacon.
Egg-safe options follow if you want to replace the coddled egg.
We were treated to a quails egg in celeriac foam, and then a starter of coddled egg with pigs cheek and pork belly.