code blue

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code blue

1. A medical emergency in which a team of medical personnel work to revive an individual in cardiac arrest.
2. An order given to initiate such work.

code′ blue′

(often caps.) a medical emergency in which paramedics are dispatched to aid a person undergoing cardiac arrest.

Code Blue

n código azul (Ang), anuncio por parlante de emergencia solicitando a los médicos para realizar medidas de reanimación a un paciente en paro cardiorrespiratorio
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This is the first time the Code Blue has been enacted state-wide.
A spokesperson for Code Blue Group said: "We were delighted to offer our support to the trust and help demonstrate that good design can help smaller businesses and community groups attract more interest.
Despite repeated calls to the critical care specialist, the patient was left untreated by any physician until Code Blue was called.
According to the report by Code Blue campaign, a French commander allegedly tied up four girls and forced them to have sexual intercourse with a dog.
City officials announce a Code Blue when temperatures are expected to be below 25 degrees with winds of 15 miles per hour or higher, temperatures are less than 20 degrees, or during other periods of intense winter weather.
They are considered a preventative care solution, which should reduce the need for cardiac arrest or code blue team activations.
The owner of Code Blue Plumbing Heating & Cooling, Charles Conner stated, “Our goal is to be the best home and family resource center and information portal for assisting all Tuscon homeowners with their Heating needs.
Amcom Software Inc, a provider of communication solutions, announced on Thursday that Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital is using its Amcom Messenger to improve code blue notifications in its new freestanding building.
And, this Saturday as part of "The Bands of Jimmy D'Angelo" rock 'n' roll extravaganza, original members of The Joneses, Mad Angel, Pretty Poison, August, Code Blue and Deep 6 will be joining forces and rocking out at The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts.
Code Blue also offers Grave Digger Scrape Mate or Grave Digger Whitetail Buck scent impregnated soils that you can mix into the dirt.
He was rewarded with a double through Code Blue in the conditional jockeys'' hurdle and Cinders And Ashes in a novice hurdle.