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The use of two or more languages or markedly different varieties of a language in a single social interaction: "He chatted with taxi drivers and strangers about the drenching humidity or about which restaurants were good, casually code-switching to Taiwanese for jokes, Mandarin for information, and English for translation and one-word exclamations" (Ken Chen).

code′-switch′ v.
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Their topics include historical and modern studies of code-switching: a tale of mutual enrichment, code-switching and contact in Middle English manuscripts from the Welsh penumbra: whether to re-interpret the evidence from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the social and textual embedding of multilingual practices in late modern English: a corpus-based analysis, a corpus approach to scribal abbreviations of Latin in 15th-century medical manuscripts, and administrative multilingualism on the page in early modern Poland: in search of a framework for written code-switching.
The focus of the present paper is on some of the socialization aspects of speech development and code-switching in children determined by multilingual contexts, whereby alternation of codes is viewed as a conversational strategy, which "serves specific interactional tasks for participants" (Gafaranga 2007: 280).
These phenomena include the use of borrowings, calques, semantic extensions, nonce borrowings, code-switching and code-mixing.
More important, the innovation will help overcome the challenge of parsing multilanguage utterances, known in linguistic circles as code-switching.
Code-switching can be viewed not as evidence of a limitation of the bilingual speaker, nor even as a deficit of vocabulary, but rather as the selection of words/languages which are readily available to the speaker (Lance, 1975).
The review of the related literature showed that speakers in multilingual and bilingual countries choose specific code during their conversation and they may also switch the code from one to another; this switching from one language to another is known as code-switching (Wei, 2013).
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The discussion is complemented with examples from the ROThA corpus, illustrating the types of code-switching (CS) (2) in the data.
Chapter 8--Code-switching and contrastive analysis: Tools of language and culture transform the dialectically diverse classroom, for example, presents strategies of contrastive analysis and code-switching (style-shifting) to show how the language of a child's home community can be maintained while simultaneously adding the linguistic tools needed for success in broader society (Wheeler & Swords, 2015, p.
She furthermore describes the varieties of regional and popular Italian spoken in Sicily, the contexts in which each language is frequently used, bidirectional Italian-Sicilian code-switching, and the attitudes towards Sicilian in Italy.
Aunque Woolford (1983: 522) rechaza sistematicamente cualquier mecanismo o restriccion que sea exclusivo del fenomeno de AL diciendo que "the two grammars operate during code-switching just as they do during monolingual speech", su analisis repite en gran medida la CE de Poplack (1980), la cual prohibe secuencias mezcladas que no sean compatibles con el orden de palabras superficial de las dos lenguas, con lo que utiliza mecanismos externos a las gramaticas implicadas.
Kumanyika was referring to the subtle matter of code-switching, or speaking one way to one's immediate peers and another way -- call it more "white" -- to a larger group.