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n. Law
A joint defendant.


criminal law a fellow defendant


(ˌkoʊ dɪˈfɛn dənt)

a joint defendant.
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Noun1.codefendant - a defendant who has been joined together with one or more other defendants in a single action
defendant, suspect - a person or institution against whom an action is brought in a court of law; the person being sued or accused
corespondent, co-respondent - the codefendant charged with adultery with the estranged spouse in a divorce proceeding
respondent - the codefendant (especially in a divorce proceeding) who is accused of adultery with the corespondent
References in classic literature ?
victim's outcry for codefendants evokes a national assent.
Prosecutor Edmondo Bruti Liberati said the gunman first fired on his lawyer and codefendant, killing both and seriously injuring a second co-defendant.
Summary: Cheers erupt in courtroom when presiding judge orders release of Al Abdel Fattah and codefendant still in custody on bail of around $1,400.
A new codefendant, Rogers attorney David Fisher, was added to that case recently.
Attorney's office says 24-year-old Brianna Greene of Buffalo and a codefendant also forged letters from Erie Community College and the unknowing landlord's employer to get the loan in 2005.
Given that earlier opinions correctly identified Sweetin and Rupert as early-day Bruton cases involving codefendant confessions, while no opinion had stated a rule on antagonistic defenses (although Birger and Lawson may have drifted dangerously close), it is striking that the next case in the lineage misread Sweetin to have been primarily about antagonistic defenses and pushed Illinois case law closer to an antagonistic defenses severance rule built on air, with no proper foundation in earlier opinions.
The second claim is that Ms Arani, as well as the three defendants she was representing, pressurised a codefendant to change his account.
Prosecutors said the recording was of former vice-president and codefendant Taha Yassin Ramadan, talking about the need to "change the social reality" in the town by removing "suspicious elements" and bringing in "replacements".
Codefendant Vincent Gatica, convicted of involuntary manslaughter, was sentenced to four years.
Another codefendant, Katrina Carmel Jackman, was arraigned August 20, 1999, and is scheduled for trial October 19.
14] Feeney was convicted of two counts of robbery with a firearm after his codefendant, tried simultaneously before a separate jury, was acquitted.
Maryland was inadmissible under the facially incriminating analysis because the jury was compelled to link the confession to the codefendant, which violated Gray's Sixth Amendment constitutional guarantees.