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Cooperation, especially between labor and management, in policymaking.


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) joint participation of management and employees or employees' trade union representatives in some decisions


(ˌkoʊ dɪˌtɜr məˈneɪ ʃən)

the determination of policy through cooperation, as between management and labor.
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Companies invest and reinvest in their workers, because the latter can insist on it, possessing as they do a seat in the boardroom as a result of the 1951 Codetermination Law.
The codetermination structures in Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain will be retained.
Reportedly, codetermination negotiations are being held with the staff in Aktia Bank plc and Aktia Life Insurance Ltd for production-related reasons and due to restructuring of business operations.
As already assured when the contract was signed in March, all employee codetermination rights will remain unchanged.
Championing codetermination would be a good issue as well.
Kittler, Siegfried Zielinski, and Wolfgang Ernst, to outline a mechanical or media-technological codetermination of time.
Her first major policy speech largely ignored June's Brexit referendum, which brought her to power, and promised to push for so-called codetermination -- workers' representation on company boards -- which is a crucial part of Germany's social contract.
It argues that there is a relation of codetermination between the operational and structural aspects of a logic.
This form of active codetermination facilitates the entry into a more modern working world," emphasized Mosch.
In summation, the main lesson provided is that leaders should work from the premise that individual and organizational interest are best severed by codetermination, by individuals and groups working together becoming more skilled at balancing the tensions between autonomy and cooperation.
In terms of actual reforms, changes in corporate law that would bring in codetermination are a tough sell in the near future.
The authors cover the historical background of companies and partnerships in Sweden, the sources and the hierarchy of the law on companies and partnerships, international private law, codetermination and corporate structure, companies limited by shares, and many other related subjects.