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 (kŏd′ĭ-fī′, kō′də-)
tr.v. cod·i·fied, cod·i·fy·ing, cod·i·fies
1. To organize or arrange systematically, especially in writing: "Arguments for the existence of God have been codified for centuries by theologians" (Richard Dawkins).
2. To establish or express in a conventional form or standard formulation: "The unification of motion and rest ... was proposed by Galileo and codified in Newton's first law of motion" (Lee Smolin).
3. To turn (a common law requirement or practice) into law.

cod′i·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
cod′i·fi′er n.
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Adj.1.codified - enacted by a legislative body; "statute law"; "codified written laws"
written - systematically collected and written down; "written laws"
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A SIMPLIFIED and codified piece of legislation helping pharmaceutical manufacturers understand their European Union (EU) rights regarding supplementary protection certificates has been approved by the EU Council of Ministers.
I hope a codified set of laws could be agreed upon within one year of today's date, by parties having interest in this area.
In a briefing on Capitol Hill, First Star Executive Director Amy Harfield said the report calls for full disclosure, increased transparency and greater accountability in state policies that are codified in statute and are mandatory, rather than permissible.
UXBRIDGE - Voters will consider approving the proposed codified General Bylaws that are included on the warrant for the fall annual town meeting.
In the codified study, a person's weight moves from an even distribution on the back and the legs to being entirely balanced on the coccyx (tailbone).
Barry said he is working to replace an informal complaint procedure with a codified policy requiring that all investigations be signed to prevent them from being altered later.
Dunham started a dance school and black dance troupe called the Chicago Negro School of Ballet in 1931, and she started the first internationally touring, predominantly black dance company with its own codified technique.
Guided by similar self interests, the US Federal government also recently codified opting-out and what constitutes spam.
However, LEED is subjective and a voluntary system, much of which should be codified for use in the construction of buildings.
The original provision was passed in 1940 and was named the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940, codified at 50 U.
The real lesson to be drawn from Germany is that political will, backed by social consensus and codified in the form of regulations that positively encourage sustainable design, is essential to the wider growth of work such as Foster's.
The 60-page ruling held that jurors' use of religious codes or other material not codified by Colorado ran afoul of state law.