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tr.v. co·di·rect·ed, co·di·rect·ing, co·di·rects
To direct (a play, film, or other form of public entertainment) jointly with another or others.

co·di·rect′or n.


vb (tr)
to direct jointly
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Learning is codirecting the show with Jesse Jou, and the cast includes Conservatory grad Katie Cunningham as the seductive Phyllis, local veterans Don Walker and Doug Jones as her endangered husband and the canny investigator Keyes, respectively, and current Conservatory student Erik Meixelsperger as Huff, the insurance agent snared by Phyllis' murderous plan.
Fellow alumni or 'Reppers' Toff de Venecia and Andrei Pamintuan are codirecting 'Company Call,' with Yatco as musical director.
I say this because usually on all SANAM shoots, all four of us are on the set the whole time checking each shot and codirecting the video with each other.
This time around, they are also codirecting (a debut for both) and co-producing - having formed a new production company, Bare Assed Productions, with Tony Furlong's widow, Donna, and Jimmy Powers.
NBER Research Associate Erik Hurst of the University of Chicago and NBER President James Poterba of MIT are codirecting a two-year research project on the "The Economics of Household Saving" At the inaugural research meeting for this project, which was held on July 18, the following papers were discussed:
Helen Dulcamara, one of Rugby Theatre's leading directors, will be codirecting the show with Simon.
It has been scripted by Tim Hibberd, a co-founder of the company with artistic director Ann Farrar, and they will be codirecting the production.
Though Westmoreland jokes that he and Glatzer "put the 'co' in codirecting," the pair claim they got along swimmingly during the shoot, even while allowing their home to double for the gay couple's in the movie.
Demented (2000) before codirecting her own award-winning feature with Silas Howard in 2001, By Hook or by Crook.
I know the film was produced and directed by Stanley Donen, who is remembered by many for directing the 1954 film Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and codirecting with Gene Kelly Singin' In The Rain (1952).
For Birch, each project determines whether to direct as well as choreograph: "I think codirecting or just choreographing is terrific, but it's sometimes what drives choreographers to directing.
Q factor: Chicago's Zadan and Meron are producing: composing team and life partners Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman are executive producers; the shoves Broadway director, Jack O'Brien, and choreographer, Jerry Mitchell, are codirecting.