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tr.v. co·di·rect·ed, co·di·rect·ing, co·di·rects
To direct (a play, film, or other form of public entertainment) jointly with another or others.

co·di·rect′or n.


a fellow director
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Jurors had yet to return verdicts on 10 counts against Peter Benstead, Susan's husband and codirector of Crown, considered the principal defendant by prosecutors.
Mohammad Aslam Uqaili Monday inaugurated the water recycling plant manufactured by the CoDirector Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management Prof.
Earlier in his career, he worked as a professional research chemist and codirector of the Pesticide Chemistry and Toxicology Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley.
Such implants have value as a brain-protecting material, says Jeremy Mao, codirector of Columbia University's center for craniofacial regeneration.
She served as associate professor at Howard University and senior program associate for mental health and codirector of RESPECT, or the race, ethnicity and power work, at the Annie E.
Devanand, codirector of the memory disorders center and codirector of the late life depression clinic at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, New York.
Jenkins, who will divide his time between Penn State and Baylor, will be codirector of Baylor's Initiative on Historical Studies of Religion and will lead history seminars.
1 is Noel Clarke's most ambitious film to date and he sensibly shares duties behind the camera with codirector Mark Davis.
Gideon Maas, Coventry University's Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship codirector, said: "South Africa is experiencing high levels of unemployment (currently 24.
Bishops in Ireland, just like bishops here, have been moving accused priests around even though they know they're dangerous and putting them in populations where they can continue to offend," Terence McKiernan, codirector of Bish opAcconntability.
Ithalia Forel, codirector of Movema world dance company, which is co-hosting the festival, says: "It's been a dream of mine to bring a professional black dance platform to my home town of Liverpool.
The show's producer and codirector, Mark Ashmore, said: "We've spent a couple of months rehearsing two nights a week and we're very much looking forward to performing it.