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cod·ling 1

 (kŏd′lĭng) also cod·lin (-lĭn)
A cooking apple, especially a greenish, elongated English variety.

[Alteration of Middle English querdlyng, possibly from Anglo-Norman *querdelion, lionheart : Old French cuer, heart; see courage + de, of (from Latin ; see de-) + Old French lion, lion; see lion.]

cod·ling 2

n. pl. codling or cod·lings
A young cod.
References in classic literature ?
That is the intention, governor,' replied the other, 'and unless I'm much mistaken, Tommy Codlin is a calculating at this minute what we've lost through your coming upon us.
To this Mr Codlin, who had a surly, grumbling manner, replied, as he twitched Punch off the tombstone and flung him into the box,
Never mind,' said Mr Codlin, with the air of a discontented philosopher.
Turning over the figures in the box like one who knew and despised them, Mr Codlin drew one forth and held it up for the inspection of his friend:
Even Mr Codlin had nothing to urge against a proposal so seasonable.
As he yielded to this suggestion a ready and rapturous assent, they all rose and walked away together; he keeping close to the box of puppets in which he was quite absorbed, the merry little man carrying it slung over his arm by a strap attached to it for the purpose, Nelly having hold of her grandfather's hand, and Mr Codlin sauntering slowly behind, casting up at the church tower and neighbouring trees such looks as he was accustomed in town-practice to direct to drawing-room and nursery windows, when seeking for a profitable spot on which to plant the show.
All this Mr Codlin did with the air of a man who had made up his mind for the worst and was quite resigned; his eye slowly wandering about during the briskest repartee to observe the effect upon the audience, and particularly the impression made upon the landlord and landlady, which might be productive of very important results in connexion with the supper.
We develop solid business relationships by taking the time to understand and study our client's specific requirements, ensuring that the final delivered solution works seamlessly and surpasses expectations," said Alan Codlin, DAES Group Chairman.
Cinderford's first sustained attack produced a try for Sam Baker, and four solid minutes of probing in and around the home 22 ended in a Nev Codlin try which Sheedy converted to cut the gap to three points.
Cinderford were now back in the game and four minutes of probing in and around the 22 led to a try for Nev Codlin which Sheedy converted for 15-12 after 37 minutes.
The apples, Ashmead's Kernel and Keswick Codlin, are very old varieties, dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
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