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cod·ling 1

 (kŏd′lĭng) also cod·lin (-lĭn)
A cooking apple, especially a greenish, elongated English variety.

[Alteration of Middle English querdlyng, possibly from Anglo-Norman *querdelion, lionheart : Old French cuer, heart; see courage + de, of (from Latin ; see de-) + Old French lion, lion; see lion.]

cod·ling 2

n. pl. codling or cod·lings
A young cod.


(ˈkɒdlɪŋ) or


1. (Cookery) any of several varieties of long tapering apples used for cooking
2. (Plants) any unripe apple
[C15 querdlyng, of uncertain origin]


(Animals) a codfish, esp a young one


(ˈkɒd lɪŋ)

also cod•lin


1. a variety of elongated apple.
2. an unripe, half-grown apple.
[1400–50; Middle English querdling]


(ˈkɒd lɪŋ)

the young of the cod.
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Noun1.codling - young codfish
codfish, cod - major food fish of Arctic and cold-temperate waters
References in classic literature ?
Miss Crow, the daughter of a farmer; John Giddish, himself a farmer; Nan Slouch, Esther Codling, Will Spray, Tom Bennet; the three Misses Potter, whose father keeps the sign of the Red Lion; Betty Chambermaid, Jack Ostler, and many others of inferior note, lay rolling among the graves.
The Tories bribe, you know: Hawley and his set bribe with treating, hot codlings, and that sort of thing; and they bring the voters drunk to the poll.
Phil Wright took the heaviest bag of four codling for 10lb 13oz his best 5lb 4oz, while Darren Browne won Cleadon's match with five decent codling for 13lb - best 4.
Sport was mixed, with some taking decent numbers of codling between 3lb and 5lb on shads from the Sow and Pigs area at Blyth and from the yellow can off St Mary's Island.
The second match featured 25 entrants, with 11 weighing in four codling, three flounder, three sand dabs, two rockling, two coalfish and one pollack.
Everton led just before the break as Lewis Codling fired home after being setup by 14-year-old England youth international Ross Barkley.
FORMER England second-row Alex Codling has been installed as the new coach of Cardiff RFC.
FORMER England lock Alex Codling has confounded medical expectation by returning to top-level rugby with Northampton.
Colin Codling saw red after Dr James Green branded him a drunken slob at the annual dinner of Telford and Wrekin Council in Shropshire.
In fact, the band boasts two new members - Richard Oakes (guitar) and Neil Codling (keyboards).
Now in its third year, the Codling Moth Area-wide Suppression Program aims to suppress this pest over wide growing areas, so that fruit growers can remain competitive.
The Tyne has been the best venue for codling up to 2lb - Les Henzell took 12 for 12lb 13oz in East ends match, Gavin Owen 10 for 11lb 6oz in BOTAC's Sunday league match.