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A heterozygous condition in which both alleles at a gene locus are fully expressed in the phenotype.
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Multiple factors could have contributed to the high incidence of rare homozygotes, limited genetic diversity, predominance of NY haplotypes in a single small clade (C2-1), and codominance of mtDNA haplotypes H2 and H3 seen in the NY bay scallops.
2006) divided our white fir sites into white fir (n 5 5), mixed-conifer (n 5 3), and mixed-fir (n 5 1, in addition to the three sites herein treated as mixed-fir), based on levels of codominance of white and red fir.
Yucca may be in codominance with Larrea, Coleogyne, or Juniperus (Turner 1982).