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A heterozygous condition in which both alleles at a gene locus are fully expressed in the phenotype.
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Generally, the SSR markers are considered very useful in the determination of genetic diversity among the varieties and even genotypes because of their codominance.
Considering a codominance genetic inheritance model, the presence of the genotypes affected athletic performance, being more frequent in the IP subgroup for five polymorphisms.
Multiple factors could have contributed to the high incidence of rare homozygotes, limited genetic diversity, predominance of NY haplotypes in a single small clade (C2-1), and codominance of mtDNA haplotypes H2 and H3 seen in the NY bay scallops.
Codominance by cotton rats and pygmy mice at Leonhardt Prairie has been a longstanding condition, as revealed by extensive field study during the 1980s (R.
Several advantages in using microsatellites include: a) locus specificity, b) codominance, which allows separation of heterozygotes from homozygotes, c) high variability, which provides a wealth of information at finer scales than possible with other markers, and d) usefulness in detecting recent demographic events.
2006) divided our white fir sites into white fir (n 5 5), mixed-conifer (n 5 3), and mixed-fir (n 5 1, in addition to the three sites herein treated as mixed-fir), based on levels of codominance of white and red fir.
Distinguish among recessive dominance, codominance, and partial dominance
Codominance (ko-dohm-i-nahns) When different alleles are located at one loci, but neither is dominant to the other.
No codominance was observed and albino offspring were distinguished from wild-type mice on the day of birth, as found in albino meadow voles, Microtus pennsylvanicus (Brewer et al.