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or co-ed  (kō′ĕd′)
n. Often Derogatory
A woman who attends a coeducational college or university.
adj. Informal
1. Of or relating to an education system in which both men and women attend the same institution or classes; coeducational: a coed university.
2. Open to both sexes: a coed dorm; a coed pool.

[Short for coeducational.]
Usage Note: Although as a noun coed once referred to male and female students at a college, the word now refers primarily to young women who attend a coeducational college or university. Because there is no separate word for male college students, and the word carries a connotation of frivolity, the term coed is often considered derogatory.


or co-ed

(ˈkoʊˈɛd, -ˌɛd)

1. serving both men and women alike; coeducational.
2. of or pertaining to a coed.
3. a female student in a coeducational institution.
[1885–90, Amer.]


A girl or woman student at a coeducational school, college, or university.


A. ADJmixto
B. N
1. (US) (= female student) → alumna f de un colegio mixto
2. (Brit) (= school) → colegio m mixto
C. ADJ & ABBR =coeducational
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Etifeddu'r palmwydd yn y llun wnaethon nhw yn 1980 ar ol symud yno, a'u gardd hwy sydd y tu ol i'r coed erbyn hyn.
A spokesman said: "We were called to an incident at the former Coed Y Lan School in Graigwen at 1.
Gwawr Jones Llyn Elsi near Betws y Coed and (inset) Aberystwyth's funicular lift
The study found that university students in coed housing are 2.
Night and day,'' is how Crespi English teacher Brian Sheehan, who also taught for five years in Los Angeles Unified School schools, described the difference between his coed and all-boy classes.
Supporters say that coed teams are a great way for girls and boys to learn how to work together.
A national task force appointed by the Department of Education following the COED report described the population as low functioning.
The occupational healthcare company has relocated from Sandfields Business Centre in Baglan to a unit at the 15,000 sq ft Llan Coed House building at Coed Darcy - part of the PS1.
Ken Skates and Angharad Evans of Coed Cadw, under an ancient tree at Plas Power wood, Wrexham Coed Cadw will be collecting signatures for a petition at shows, events and on-line.
In the end we could only choose one deserving name and both Jessica and Jorden's suggestion of Golwg y Coed won because it illustrates the beautiful woodland surrounding the development.
Officials said the move would save the state money and end some chronic problems at the scandal-plagued location, the CYA's only coed facility.
The COED report also stressed that unqualified personnel are frequently employed to work with clients who are deaf and noted that "on-the-job training (for such personnel) is unacceptable and.