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Noun1.coefficient of concordance - a coefficient of agreement (concordance) between different sets of rank orderings of the same set of things
statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
Kendall test - any of several nonparametric measures of correlation (used when the assumptions of standard correlational analysis are not met)
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Friedman's [chi square] statistics was used to test Kendall's coefficient of concordance (W) for statistical significance.
Interrater reliability was assessed using the coefficient of concordance (Kendall's coefficient) between measurements performed by five competent examiners (Slusarz, Beuth, & Kasprzak, 2003).
The consistency level of the group of experts is determined by the coefficient of concordance W (Kendall 1970) (i=1, 2,.
Kendall and Bernard Babington Smith, Kendall's coefficient of concordance W is a measure of the agreement among several m quantitative or semi-quantitative variables that are assessing a set of n objects of interest [8].
We tested the ability of experts to achieve a consensus on their ratings of quality of care by calculating the Kendall coefficient of concordance among expert rankings (Siegel and Castellan 1988).
Kendall's coefficient of concordance (W) was used to determine if the respondents agreed on rankings and if there was agreement between ranks and weights.

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