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Variant of celiac.


(ˈsiːlɪˌæk) or


(Anatomy) of or relating to the abdomen
(Pathology) a person who suffers from coeliac disease
[C17: from Latin coeliacus, from Greek koiliakos, from koilia belly]


or coe•li•ac

(ˈsi liˌæk)

of, pertaining to, or located in the cavity of the abdomen.
[1655–65; < Latin coeliacus < Greek koiliakós of the bowels =koilí(a) bowels, derivative of koîlos hollow + -akos -ac]
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Adj.1.coeliac - of or in or belonging to the cavity of the abdomen
koji boluje od celijakije
thuộc tạng phủ


سلياكيّ břišní glutenintolerant zöliakisch κοιλιακός celíaco keliakia- cœliaque koji boluje od celijakije celiaco 腹腔の 배의 abdominaal i bukhulen trzewny celíaco брюшной glutenintolerant ช่องท้อง karın boşluğu ile ilgili thuộc tạng phủ 下腹的
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The Shop In The Shed, based at Weston Hill Farm, organised the event in aid of Coeliac UK and Macmillan Cancer Support.
Just three months ago, she was diagnosed with coeliac disease, an autoimmune condition triggered by eating gluten.
Coeliac patients and those with a clinical need for gluten-free food will now be able to get their prescriptions directly from their local pharmacy, rather than needing to go to their GP.
Dear Coleen, SIX months ago, my husband was diagnosed with coeliac disease, which means he can't have gluten.
Dear Coleen Six months ago, my husband was diagnosed as having coeliac disease.
A FORMER headteacher who was forced to quit her job after years of suffering undiagnosed coeliac disease is hoping to improve understanding of the condition.
But for people with coeliac disease, avoiding gluten - a protein in wheat, barley and rye that's found in foods containing flour, and a prominent feature in most breads, pastas, cereals, pastries, cakes and biscuits - is not a lifestyle choice but a medical necessity.
Dubai: Coeliac Disease (CD) is a condition that is difficult to diagnose and results in people suffering indigestion, gas and bloating for prolonged periods.
COELIAC UK is the national charity for people with coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis.
WHY aren't l you go the Lake Cornwall, the can take your would not do harm - people and stopping only be good Jeanette We are urging your readers, in Coeliac UK Awareness Week (May 11-17), to ask "is it coeliac disease?
THOUSANDS of people across Wales suffer with coeliac disease without ever receiving a formal diagnosis, a charity boss has warned.