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The magnetic field intensity needed to reduce the magnetization of a ferromagnetic material from complete saturation to zero, usually measured in teslas.


(General Physics) the magnetic-field strength necessary to demagnetize a ferromagnetic material that is magnetized to saturation. It is measured in amperes per metre. Compare coercive force


(ˌkoʊ ərˈsɪv ɪ ti)

the magnetic intensity needed to reduce to zero the magnetic flux density of a fully magnetized magnetic specimen or to demagnetize a magnet.
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The high coercivity, high signal to noise ratio and superior frequency characteristics make BaFe magnetic particles a cutting-edge technology that can help further increase the capacity of magnetic tape.
2B), which shows that low coercivity fraction (magnetite) dominates the magnetic properties.
Schuller and his team manipulated the material's coercivity, a measure of how difficult it is to switch the magnetic state, by adjusting temperature over a 20-degree-Celsius range.
The degausser must have a high enough coercivity rating (magnetic power) to overcome the drive's magnetic field and completely erase its stored information.
h](*, *) satisfy the following coercivity and the discrete inf-sup conditions [8, 18]: there exist [C.
Dysprosium is a fundamentally important additive in neodymium-iron-boron magnets (or Neo-Magnets), to raise the coercivity or strength, for demanding applications such as drive motors for hybrid electric vehicles and wind turbines (i.
But earlier this year, researchers reported that a key element of magnetization called coercivity is not controlled by voltage at all, but rather by an unfortunate byproduct of applying electricity to a material - that is, by heat.
50 nm; single-domain particles with high coercivity [49, 50]) using methyl-, aminopropyl- and 3-glycidoxypropyl-trimethoxysilane compounds.
Then, he measured most of important magnetic properties such as saturation magnetization, magnetic hysteresis, magnetic residue (magnetic remanence), coercivity, bulk saturation, magnetic moment and specific area of the particles by BET and VSM devices.
They discuss fabrication methods, mechanical properties, amorphous microwires and their magnetic properties, microwires that are not magnetically soft, the effect of magnetic structure on the frequency dependence of coercivity, and applications such as magnetic and thermal sensors.
2 T, low coercivity, magnetic permeability at high frequencies above [10.
Erases data from longitudinal magnetic recorded and perpendicular magnetic recorded hard disk drives with nominal coercivity ratings of up to 5300 Oe and magnetic tapes with nominal coercivity ratings of up to 2600 Oe