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Of equal age, duration, or period; coeval.

[From Late Latin coaetāneus, a contemporary : Latin co-, co- + Latin aetās, age; see aiw- in Indo-European roots.]

co′e·ta′ne·ous·ly adv.


rare of the same age or period
[C17: from Latin coaetāneus, from co- same + aetās age]
ˌcoeˈtaneously adv
ˌcoeˈtaneousness n


(ˌkoʊ ɪˈteɪ ni əs)

of the same age or duration.
[1600–10; < Latin coaetāneus <co- co- + aet(ās) age]
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Adj.1.coetaneous - of the same period
synchronal, synchronic, synchronous - occurring or existing at the same time or having the same period or phase; "recovery was synchronous with therapy"- Jour.A.M.A.; "a synchronous set of clocks"; "the synchronous action of a bird's wings in flight"; "synchronous oscillations"


Belonging to the same period of time as another:
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Bear with these distractions, with this coetaneous growth of the parts; they will one day be members, and obey one will.
Don Quijote is massive and complex, on the order of the entirety of Shakespeare's tragedies, but if I had to pick one coetaneous writer who sheds the most light on the novel, it would be Mariana, who not only articulated the intellectual thrust of Cervantes's bitter bourgeois irony but who directly confronted the same Habsburg tyrants against whom the novelist consistently tilts.
In addition to the base *dbr, 'to say', which is also denominative from or coetaneous with the primary noun *dbr, 'word/thing', the base /dbr/, 'lead, guide' (DUL 263), appears to be attested, at least in ancient Aramaic (cf.