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 (kō′ĕv-ə-lo͞o′shən, -ē-və-)
The process by which two or more interacting species evolve together, each changing as a result of changes in the other or others. It occurs, for example, between predators and prey and between insects and the flowers that they pollinate.

co′ev·o·lu′tion·ar·y adj.
co′e·volve′ (-ĭ-vŏlv′) v.


of or relating to coevolution
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Therefore, I propose a study to reveal coevolutionary and population dynamics and their underlying mechanisms within and between hosts of parasites in wild bird populations.
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One of the classic examples of a coevolutionary mutualism--two species evolving in tandem to the benefit of both--involves 'ant-plants' and 'plant-ants' in tropical forests.
In this way, the bird's multi-owner history suggests a pattern of both transnational and coevolutionary adaptability (9).
earned the top honors and a $3,000 individual scholarship for groundbreaking research on coevolutionary histories of symbiotic organisms, developing a computer algorithm that may provide further insight into the study of animal to human transmissions of diseases, such as influenza and HIV.
of Toronto, Canada) present eight chapters examining such topics as the coevolutionary perspective of industry-network dynamics; innovation, networks, and regions in Israel's knowledge-intensive sectors; the evolution of research collaboration networks and their impact on firm innovation output; the role of publishing inventors in nanotechnology; the interdependencies of formal and informal network structure and the exploration of new technological opportunities among geographically dispersed firms; the impact of production and usage networks on academic citations; the costs of creating network relations and the implications for firm performance in the case of high technology firms; and regional networks, alliance portfolio configuration, and innovation performance.
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According to a study from the Stanford University School of Medicine, the central nervous system has developed certain receptors that indicate coevolutionary activity between mammalian brains and psychotropic plants.
Indirect effects are involved in the coevolutionary relationships among all species within the system.