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 (kō′ĕv-ə-lo͞o′shən, -ē-və-)
The process by which two or more interacting species evolve together, each changing as a result of changes in the other or others. It occurs, for example, between predators and prey and between insects and the flowers that they pollinate.

co′ev·o·lu′tion·ar·y adj.
co′e·volve′ (-ĭ-vŏlv′) v.


vb (intr)
to evolve together
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The Cosmicomics depict indeed a porous universe of evanescent thresholds, where beings and matter coevolve through metamorphoses and osmotic exchanges.
With this technique I want to address one of the major unsolved issues of galaxy formation: How do galaxies and their central black holes coevolve Specifically, I want to focus on three crucial areas of galaxy formation: a) How and where the very first black holes form, what are their observational signatures, and when is the coevolution with host galaxies established?
It incorporates a multitude of actors, and its success suggests that it is a proper format for addressing how network, computing, and content providers may coevolve.
Martin FRANSMAN: By an "Innovation Ecosystem" I mean a group of players who through their symbiotic interactions (both cooperative and competitive) make innovation happen and, by so doing, coevolve over time.
The supermassive black hole CID947 is at least 10 times too massive for its host galaxy, raising questions about how closely galaxies and black holes actually coevolve.
iFactory, one of Brisbane's premier digital and creative agencies, today announced that it has been awarded Best in Class by the Interactive Media Awards[TM] for its work on Coevolve (http://www.
Understanding whether, how, and under what conditions regime complexes and national public policies coevolve is important from a governance perspective: when the management of regime complexity at international and national level is mutually reinforcing, coherent governance is achieved.
glauca is an exotic plant, and exotics usually have low defenses against pests because they did not coevolve with them (Parker & Hay 2005).
Ship, port, and connecting transportation technology continue to coevolve with production methods and business management practices.
Engelbrecht, "Particle swarm optimization approaches to coevolve strategies for the iterated prisoner's dilemma", Evolutionary Computation, IEEE Transactions on 9, 2005
From a timing perspective, however, the new strategic guidance and the 2013-2017 budget request had to coevolve since they were prepared in parallel from September to early January.
There are a bunch of things that need to coevolve for the bold vision to be realized -that means on the policy, technology, and market side," Dr.