coffee tree

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coffee tree

1. (Plants) any of several rubiaceous trees of the genus Coffea, esp C. arabica, the seeds of which are used in the preparation of the beverage coffee
2. (Plants) short for Kentucky coffee tree


(ˈkɔ fi, ˈkɒf i)

1. a beverage consisting of a decoction or infusion of the roasted ground seeds (cof′fee beans`) of the two-seeded fruit (cof′fee ber`ry) of certain coffee trees.
2. the seeds or fruit themselves.
3. a tropical tree of the madder family that yields coffee beans, as Coffea arabica and C. canefora.
4. a cup of coffee.
5. a reception at which coffee and other refreshments are served: political coffees.
6. medium to dark brown.
7. of a coffee color.
8. flavored with coffee.
[1590–1600; < Italian caffè < Turkish kahve < Arabic qahwah]
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: tree - any of several small trees and shrubs native to the tropical Old World yielding coffee beanscoffee tree - any of several small trees and shrubs native to the tropical Old World yielding coffee beans
coffee bean, coffee berry, coffee - a seed of the coffee tree; ground to make coffee
Coffea, genus Coffea - coffee trees
Arabian coffee, Coffea arabica - shrubby tree of northeastern tropical Africa widely cultivated in tropical or near tropical regions for its seed which form most of the commercial coffee
Coffea liberica, Liberian coffee - small tree of West Africa
Coffea canephora, Coffea robusta, Rio Nunez coffee, robusta coffee - native to West Africa but grown in Java and elsewhere; resistant to coffee rust
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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On the coffee tree, there is a greater emphasis on care in pests such as the "coffee berry borer and the yellow rust".
Planted on the south of the house, a tree with a high spreading crown such as a Kentucky coffee tree or an American elm will eventually shade the roof of the house.
It has been reported that authorities in Malaysia have found harmful substances in an My Cafe brand of instant coffee mix from the Malaysian company Coffee Tree.
The first coffee tree was introduced in Lipa, Batangas, in the 1740s by Spanish Franciscan monks, and so enthusiastically did farmers take up the challenge that the province soon came to be known as the coffee capital of the Philippines.
Now think about it this way, every time a student graduates from university, a new coffee tree bears fruit.
By: Nizar Ahmed CAIRO [yen]" 4 November 2017: As part of the Panorama of European Film at Zawya, in association with Coffee Tree Cafe, the biographic German/French drama film [yen]|The Young Karl Marx[yen]AaAaAeAo (2017) will be screeni on November 10.
Growing right next to the structure, so close that its roots almost certainly threaten the foundation, is a towering 60-year-old coffee tree.
In addition to the cucumber tree, the university obtained seeds from other rare specimens, including a big shellbark hickory, a chinquapin oak, a Kentucky coffee tree, a tulip tree, and a sycamore.
The initial reliable indication of coffee as a drink or the knowledge of the coffee tree appeared in mid fifteenth century basically through the Sufis monasteries in Yemen.
The coffee tree is always green, and never sheds all its leaves.
One of the trees scheduled for felling is a Kentucky coffee tree, Gymnocladus dioicus.
Also known as a civet, it's a creature that looks a bit like a cat with a long nose and it has a penchant for chewing coffee cherries - the fruit of the coffee tree which have coffee beans in the middle of them.