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DEAR Mr Coffin Dodger, I have been following your comments and the replies with great amusement.
Similarly derogatory terms such as coffin dodger (an elderly person), GPO (good for parts only) and LOBNH (lights on but nobody home) are rife in the lexicon of medical slang heard in some quarters of the profession.
HAVING recently turned 80 years of age, suffering from arthritis and migraines, I could be called a coffin dodger.
Talk about a coffin dodger, this fake timber clad room looks like a cross between a giant coffin and a back street knocking shop.
You had to feel sorry for the coffin dodger who volunteered for the first-aid service, who was also taking unwarranted abuse.
She managed to avoid being a coffin dodger, but couldn't avoid the dodgy coffin.
The coffin dodger guarding the cleaning equipment thrust out a limb in the hope of an iron lung, but yours truly spurned his advances with the words "get a proper job".
Maybe when Mr Hemming is a coffin dodger he will be glad to leave God's waiting room for five days.
I used the photo from my second book, Journal Of A Coffin Dodger.
It's all about the buzz," quoted the first-named coffin dodger, who liked nothing better than to lob hundreds and thousands on his beleaguered victims while they lay covered in chocolate sauce.
Other drivers have tooted their horns, banged their windows or in one case some old coffin dodger mimed taking down my registration number.