cognitive development

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cog·ni·tive de·vel·op·ment

n. desarrollo cognitivo, cambio en el desarrollo infantil de las funciones intelectuales.
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While several studies have suggested a positive association between breast-feeding and cognitive development in early and middle childhood, the correlation with adult intelligence has been more elusive.
Public two-year institutions "train more of the nation's early childhood educators than any other education sector," Darrell Shumway, board chairman of the Association of Community College Trustees, told about 400 experts attending the White House Summit on Early Childhood Cognitive Development.
Because the vernacular concept of innateness is part of folkbiology, attempts to define it more adequately are unlikely to succeed, making it preferable to introduce new, neutral terms for the various related notions that are needed to understand cognitive development.
Big news to moms was that CLA, a component of beef, is critically important to cognitive development in young children.
first outlines Piaget's stages of individual cognitive development and then indicates how both natural science and theology (as systematic reflection on religious experience) coevolved in line with these same stages.
It is well documented that the use of tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy is associated with a number of adverse effects on the growth, cognitive development, and behavior of the exposed child.
What is cognitive development in the studies of bilingualism?
Meanwhile, Breazeal began studying the process of cognitive development in children.
The race to educate the world began after the World Summit on Cognitive Development in 2010.
Bilingualism not only prepares students for today's increasingly global economy and promotes cognitive development and creative thinking, it also instills pride.
Rather, he propounds the more subtle notion of "epigenetic rules," hereditary regularities in brain structure and cognitive development that make certain types of learning and behavior more likely than others.
Second, it is important to have reviewed the background case history to determine whether the onset of the visual impairment has been congenital, hereditary, or adventitious because it has been suggested that there may be differences in cognitive development (Bigelow, 1983) as well as patterns of personality development (Bauman, 1967) in individuals with visual impairments and individuals who are sighted.

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