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Briefly describe the characteristics of philosophical functionalism as the philosophy of mind associated with cognitive psychology.
His research on human learning and behavior spans multiple disciplines, including motor skill learning, cognitive psychology and neuroscience.
Authors Cattaneo and Vecchi take on the enormous task of synthesizing 50 years of cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience research conducted with people who are blind.
We examined the correlations between students' scores on the Inventory of Learning Processes (Schmeck, Ribich, & Ramanaiah, 1977) and on the different assessments in a cognitive psychology course (and the total points).
The importance of studies using domains typically not involved in cognitive psychology is noted by Sternberg (2006).
The study, led by Professor Ira Hyman, and published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, found mobile phone users "made more direction changes, displayed more weaving, and were less likely to explicitly acknowledge other people".
Lisa Zunshine's Strange Concepts and the Stories They Make Possible is a new entry in the field of cognitive poetics, a field that draws on theories from cognitive psychology to assess how literature affects readers.
Learning and memory: A comprehensive reference: Cognitive psychology, published by New York: Elsevier.
The head of a rapidly-expanding Midland marketing and communications agency is making the most of his cognitive psychology expertise to put the right team in place at the firm.
A robust conclusion of cognitive psychology research, the omission bias amounts to taking harmful consequences that result from not acting as being less bad than equivalent (or even less harmful) consequences that result from acting.
The constructivists approach to teaching and learning is based on a combination of a subset of research within cognitive psychology and a subset of research within social psychology.
The focus of this paper is on the interrelationship between cognitive psychology decision making theories and their application to rehabilitation process.

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