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1. (also kwäf) A coiffure.
2. A tight-fitting cap that covers the top, back, and sides of the head and is now often worn under a veil, as by nuns.
3. A white skullcap formerly worn by English lawyers.
a. A hood of chain mail or other heavy material, usually worn under a helmet.
b. A cervellière.
tr.v. coifed, coif·ing, coifs
1. (also kwäf) To arrange or dress (the hair).
2. To cover with or as if with a coif.

[Middle English, from Old French coife, from Late Latin cofea, helmet, of Germanic origin.]


(kwɑːft; kɔɪft)
wearing a coif
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I, too, tried to duplicate the dean kitchen, coifed and polished look, and smile on my face as I injected myself with my MS disease-modifying drug.
A perfectly coifed Arnold Schwarzenegger stars on the January 2004 page.
Left to mind the home desk, the anchor, all coifed and clean, whom you secretly scorn as a loser for not being able to pass the stringent war roadie/toady test, asks a question.