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1. (also kwäf) A coiffure.
2. A tight-fitting cap that covers the top, back, and sides of the head and is now often worn under a veil, as by nuns.
3. A white skullcap formerly worn by English lawyers.
a. A hood of chain mail or other heavy material, usually worn under a helmet.
b. A cervellière.
tr.v. coifed, coif·ing, coifs
1. (also kwäf) To arrange or dress (the hair).
2. To cover with or as if with a coif.

[Middle English, from Old French coife, from Late Latin cofea, helmet, of Germanic origin.]


(kwɑːft; kɔɪft)
wearing a coif
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Herrera, 78, who's iconic in her own right, with her signature coifed hair, red lips and crisp white shirts, has dressed many style influencers of various decades, including Jackie Kennedy, Renee Zellweger and Olivia Palermo.
A government spokesman said Karadzic, once known for his distinctively coifed hairdo (inset), was unrecognisable.
I, too, tried to duplicate the dean kitchen, coifed and polished look, and smile on my face as I injected myself with my MS disease-modifying drug.