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A man who is a hairdresser.

[French, from coiffer, to coif, from Old French coife, coif; see coif.]


(kwɑːˈfɜː; French kwafœr)
(Hairdressing & Grooming) a hairdresser
coiffeuse fem n



n., pl. -feurs (-ˈfœr)
a male hairdresser.
coif, coiffure, coiffeur - Coif, coiffure, and coiffeur (hairdo, hairstyle) derive from Latin cofia, "helmet."
See also related terms for helmet.


A male hairdresser.
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Noun1.coiffeur - a man hairdresser
hairdresser, hairstylist, styler, stylist - someone who cuts or beautifies hair


[kwɒˈfɜːʳ] Npeluquero m
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re fois dans le cinA@ma en 1982 dans de long-mA@trage de Mohamed Reggab [beaucoup moins que]Le coiffeur du quartier des pauvres[beaucoup plus grand que] un visage familier de la tA@lA@vision marocaine.
It also said that the prison conducted daily training such as tailoring, computer courses, beauty courses and coiffeur lessons, along with classes for paintings that were sold in exhibitions and proceeds collected were handed over to the inmates.
Apres les frais de bouche de Jacques Chirac, la Rolex de Nicolas Sarkozy et le coiffeur archi bien paye de Francois Hollande, voici le maquillage hors de prix d'Emmanuel Macron.
This book is an English translation of the French Le Lieutenant de Kouta, the first novel in Massa Makan Diabate's (1938-1988) trilogy that includes Le coiffeur de Kouta and Le boucher de Kouta.
Good luck to you if you're still alive and kickin' in the Cesarewitch but since both races were established 1839, there's mair chance of me getting a job as Donald Trump's coiffeur than coming up trumps at HQ.
beaucoup moins que] Outre l'aspect competitif de l'evenement, notre objectif est de valoriser le metier de coiffeur dans le sens ou il occupe une place preponderante dans la societe.
The lady of the house, Maria Teresa de Vallabriga, is having her hair done by her coiffeur, while her husband Don Luis (32 years her senior) plays a game of solitaire.
Posh wore her trademark spikes boarding the plane but soon made herself comfortable, perching on coiffeur Ken Pavey's lap as they flew to Beijing.
You have to look for me if you want to come to my salon," says the coiffeur, adding, " The client has to come to us because they want understand us, not because of our fame.
He created a series of woodblock prints that show the evolution of Japanese female beauty through time, but like kabuki art, not in terms of facial expression or features but in coiffeur and fashion.