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Noun1.coin blank - a flat metal disk ready for stamping as a coin
disk, disc - a flat circular plate
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Consulting services include: a review of potential cost savings, clear differentiation of denominations, the design of exclusive products, creation of master dies, full production of working dies, coin blank production, high-quality secure storage facilities with the South African Mint's own dedicated security staff, as well as door-to-door delivery.
Tenders are invited for Job work for Loading, Unloading, Stacking of Coils, Coin Blank Drums, Misc.
Contract notice: Manufacture and delivery of undelivered 10-euro coin blanks in spool and mirror-finish design
which undertakes all the risks related to the price of silver, marketing, imports of coin blanks, exports of final products and alike.
The brand new 12-sided [pounds sterling]1 coin design has been struck on one of the old round [pounds sterling]1 coin blanks.
Then the coins go through "striking" where the coin blanks are struck at the rate of 800 pieces per minute.
The artwork, which is located at the Royal British Legion's National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, measures three metres and spells out the words Lest We Forget in coins and coin blanks.
For almost 2000 years coins were completely struck by hand until the Renaissance when both; preparation of coin blanks and striking of coins were supported by machinery.
It is the largest independent mint in the world and designs and produces coins, coin blanks, commemorative coins and medals and tokens.
The South African Mint fought off heavy international competition to clinch a contract to supply low-denomination euro currency coin blanks to several European countries.
The Kayvee Import Co claim to sell pounds 1 coin blanks, the same shape and weight as genuine coins, to be used "in machines and parking meters".
Additionally, Poongsan enjoys the distinction of being the world's number one supplier of coin blanks with governments around the world entrusting the company to provide the highest quality coin blanks used in minting their coins.