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Noun1.coin collector - a collector and student of money (and coins in particular)
aggregator, collector - a person who collects things
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Ahmed Amr is an American economist and a coin collector who can't wait to get his hands on the "Adios Trump" Shekel.
In the same year, a coin collector said he had found Nazi symbols on a PS2.
No coin collector should be without this in-depth survey.
Any serious coin collector will want to obtain the 20th volume in Whitman Publishing's Bowers series, A Guide Book of Barber Silver Coins: A Complete History and Price Guide.
Heirtzler was a coin collector, an animal lover and a longtime member of the Westport Kiwanis Club.
Emile Millian Kennedy (23 September 2013)--A former police detective, Kennedy was curator of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlander's museum at Minto Armories and a passionate stamp and coin collector.
Nandipati is an avid reader and coin collector who aspires to become a psychiatrist or neurosurgeon.
As everybody uses cards today, there would be no need of coins in the coming future," said Sudhakar Vaidya, coin collector.
The London Mint Office, a private coin collector company that is nothing to do with the Royal Mint, offered consumers pounds 50 each for the coins.
It sold for pounds 120 to a coin collector from Cheshire after a flurry of bids.
There are two things that any new coin collector should be careful about: fake coins and overpricing.
As a coin collector throughout my childhood, I noticed at age 21 (1965) that LBJ's administration had started to debase our U.