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Noun1.coin collector - a collector and student of money (and coins in particular)
aggregator, collector - a person who collects things
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Updated pricing information and details on other issues add to a new appendix to make this a winning and exceptional survey for any coin collector.
The result is a gorgeous presentation highly recommended for any coin collector or American history collector.
He was a member of the Oak Hill Bible Church, enjoyed researching family history, was an avid coin collector, loved sports, especially the Patriots and Red Sox, but most of all he enjoyed his family, and his children were very precious to him.
The result is a top pick for any coin collector and for collections catering to them.
I urge every rare coin and bullion coin collector or investor to contact their Congressional representatives and ask them to co-sign and vote for the Collectible Coin Protection Act, HR5977.
Coin collector Bruce Goulborn's spaniel Benny munched through pounds 800 worth of rare pounds 5 notes after a bungling postman got a neighbour to sign for his package.
If you are interestedin philately, are an avid postcard collector, or perhaps a budding coin collector, it may be the fair to attend.
Coin collector Josh Moore was patient to get his buffalo nickels.
00) provides a detailed reference packing in over 1,400 pages of information for any world coin collector.
Some 2,000 coin types have been added to this update, include over a hundred new entries each for major countries of the world, make this a definitive 'must' for any coin collector.
They're my favorites," a Roberto Coin collector adds.
2012 North American Coins & Prices is a reference for any coin collector with holdings from the U.