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1. Insurance held jointly by two or more insurers.
2. A form of insurance in which a person insures property for less than its full value and agrees to be responsible for the difference.
3. A sum of money paid by a patient to a health care provider after a health insurance company has paid a contractual amount for a covered service, usually a fixed percentage of costs. Coinsurance usually applies after an annual deductible has been paid.


(ˌkəʊɪnˈʃʊərəns; -ˈʃɔː-)
1. (Insurance) a method of insurance by which property is insured for a certain percentage of its value by a commercial insurance policy while the owner assumes liability for the remainder
2. (Insurance) joint insurance held by two or more persons


(ˌkoʊ ɪnˈʃʊər əns, -ˈʃɜr-)

1. insurance underwritten jointly with another insurer.
2. property insurance in which liability is assumed only for a specified percentage of the property value.
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Noun1.coinsurance - insurance issued jointly by two or more underwriters
insurance - promise of reimbursement in the case of loss; paid to people or companies so concerned about hazards that they have made prepayments to an insurance company


[ˌkəʊɪnˈʃʊərəns] Ncoaseguro m, seguro m copartícipe
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Effect of Coinsurance on the Use of Physician Services.
In this case, full insurance on average requires the coinsurance rate to be larger than 1.
By forcing the cost of medical expenses, including potentially higher out-of-pocket copayment, coinsurance, and deductible expenses, back onto parents are we unwittingly inviting increased litigation to recover these expenses?
If the standard coinsurance for an outpatient visit to an internist is 20%, then the coinsurance for a visit to a psychiatrist would also be 20%," he said.
The MHPA still allows day limits for inpatient or outpatient care, higher deductibles or coinsurance, and restrictions on prescription drugs.
Because coinsurance is a percentage of total costs, it can be difficult to estimate and plan for in advance.
Although some states have passed laws voiding coinsurance clauses, they remain a source of distress to real estate companies who frequently encounter the restriction following a loss.
But the good news is BI has its own coverage form equivalents of brown sugar, butter, maple syrup and marshmallows, provided via the coverage options to avoid coinsurance that can be activated simply by indicating the choice in the declarations page.
Some health plans had been charging copayments or coinsurance when polyps were removed during the procedure.
Coinsurance of level term plans fueled the growth in the life reinsurance market in the early 2000s.
Out-of-network laboratories believe that waiving coinsurance may be one way to level the playing field.
Card #1: The patient is to pay the specialty provider 30% of the coinsurance amount--after the deductible has been met--for the service provided on the day seen.