cold sober

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Adj.1.cold sober - totally sober
sober - not affected by a chemical substance (especially alcohol)
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The Stone cold sober hitmaker thought a lot about what she wanted her child and future grandchildren to hear when she was making the record because she wants her music to send a positive message to them.
Oh, the bitch is back/ Stone cold sober as a matter of fact/I can bitch, I can bitch 'cause I'm better than you/It's the way that I move, the things that I do.
So, I'm not a boy scout any more, and we both kind of have to look at each other with cold sober eyes and reevaluate each other.
Stone Cold Sober was the 2009 debut single of which English singer/ songwriter?
I don't think he remembers when the babies couldn't sleep, and when they were ill "So this time, now he's stone cold sober, I think he'll get a shock.
He was stone cold sober that night, having been at work," Mr Caulfield said.
We can only hope that Paloma wasn't Stone Cold Sober when she decided to put it on.
BraKe, the road safety charity, is calling on drivers to commit to staying stone cold sober if driving home from Christmas festivities.
But Paloma stopped Wedded miss: Paloma and Rian playing wifey in 2009, just after the release of her debut single Stone Cold Sober.
Mr Austin insisted: "My stone cold sober assessment of you is that you are one of the most stupid and unpleasant MPs I've met.
Hugely theatrical, this born entertainer's a dab hand at soaring retro-referencing soul and sassy pop - from the brass-blasted stomp of Stone Cold Sober to the beguiling, panoramic sweep of her biggest chart hit to date, the mega-selling New York.
From the brass-blasted stomp of Stone Cold Sober, to the beguiling sweep of her biggest chart hit New York, the record went on to sell more than half a million copies, earning Faith a nomination for Best British Female at the Brit Awards and the honour of closing the 2011 ceremony singing with Cee-Lo Green.