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Devoid of sympathy or feeling.

cold′-heart′ed·ly adv.
cold′-heart′ed·ness n.
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This cold-heartedness will later brand us when history gives its verdict.
The temptation towards hysterics is strong, but the pull towards cold-heartedness is just as tough.
Dr Dutton says: "We ranked them on persuasiveness, fearlessness, immunity to stress, egocentricity, rebelliousness, blaming other people, impulsiveness and cold-heartedness.
This was a particularly despicable case and the breach of trust and the way these crimes were carried out displayed a cold-heartedness and lack of respect for the victims.
Tai and two other co-founders of Occupy Central had earlier criticized Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying's administration for its cold-heartedness and use of force against the people's demands for democracy.
We will end the era of revenge, hatred and cold-heartedness in ystanbul.
Women may endure abuse and cold-heartedness from men with big muscles and chiselled facial features.