cold-water flat

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cold-wa·ter flat

or cold water flat  (kōld′wô′tər, -wŏt′ər)
An apartment that has cold running water but no hot water or central heating.

cold′-wa`ter flat′

an apartment, often in an unheated building, provided only with cold running water.
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Noun1.cold-water flat - an apartment without modern conveniences
apartment, flat - a suite of rooms usually on one floor of an apartment house
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I was then a young and starry-eyed, not to mention a starving writer living in a cold-water flat in Paris, visiting the US to promote the publication of my first book.
Kyra Hollis, a 30-ish schoolteacher played with modest mien and subtle intelligence by Mulligan, lives in a squalid cold-water flat with peeling wallpaper, battered furnishings and grotty, outdated kitchen appliances (in Bob Crowley's perfectly depressing set, aided by Natasha Katz's skillfully choreographed lighting).
The family heads to London where the post-war, cold-water flat does not include enough heat or blankets, so they head off to the apothecary for hot-water bottles.
We lived in a small, cold-water flat in Farnumsville, and our son attended the town's elementary school.
These days the area is fashionable and the rent high, but in 1965, a two-room, cold-water flat could be rented, along with its cockroaches, for as little as $25 a month.
The Giancristofaro's were able to turn their first purchase of a nine-family cold-water flat in Jersey City into a significant portfolio of outstanding properties across the country.