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A natural white or colorless hydrated calcium borate, Ca2B6O11·5H2O, that is formed in conjunction with borax deposits and is a principal source of boric acid.

[After William Tell Coleman (1824-1893), American merchant in California.]


(Minerals) a colourless or white glassy mineral consisting of hydrated calcium borate in monoclinic crystalline form. It occurs with and is a source of borax. Formula: Ca2B6O11.5H2O
[C19: named after William T. Coleman (1824–93), American pioneer, owner of the mine in which it was discovered]


(ˈkoʊl məˌnaɪt)

a mineral, hydrous calcium borate, Ca2B6O11∙5H2O, occurring in colorless or milky white crystals.
[1884; after W. T. Coleman of San Francisco, in whose mine it was found]
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3]) and less soluble B sources such as colemanite ([Ca.
borax, ulexite and colemanite were also co-granulated with MAP.
Although it's fairly dark inside my head, I can see by the light of my colemanite lamp that much of the basic structure of the skull appears to be New England granite.
Recipes that are composed of saggar ash and ulexite are coded as A (uncalcined ash and ulexite) and AC (calcined saggar ash and ulexide); glaze recipes where colemanite is a flux are coded as B (raw ash and colemanite) and BC (calcined ash and colemanite); ash component stoneware recipes are coded as C (raw ash and stoneware glaze) and CC (calcined ash and stoneware glaze).
and Colemanite Glaze Composition Recipe (Percent) B1 70 Saggar Ash [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] 30 Colemanite B2 75 Saggar Ash [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] 25 Colemanite B3 80 Saggar Ash [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] 20 Colemanite B4 85 Saggar Ash [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] 15 Colemanite B5 90 Saggar Ash [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] 10 Colemanite B6 95 Saggar Ash [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] 5 Colemanite Recipe Calcined Saggar Ash and Image No.
The high B2O3 content (>26%) of the colemanite, tincal and kernite mined in Turkey and California is the main factor contributing to the leading position of these two companies in world borates supply.
Lustre Glaze Recipe I Lead Basilicate 20% Colemanite 6% Boric Aside 15% Potasium Feldspar 18% Flint 12% Soda 30% add: Silver Nitrate 1% Bizmush Subnitrate 1% Rutile 2% Tin Oxide 1% Lustre Glaze Recipe II Potasium Feldspar 33% Borax 37% Whiting 11% Soda 6% Flint 11% add: Silver Nitrate 1% Bizmush Subnitrate 1%