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Any of various plants in the mint family formerly of the genus Coleus, especially Solenostemon scutellarioides and some species in the genus Plectranthus, native to tropical Africa and Asia and widely grown as ornamentals for their multicolored leaves.

[New Latin Coleus, genus name, from Greek koleos, sheath (from the way the filaments of its stamens are joined in a tube); see kel- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -uses
(Plants) any plant of the Old World genus Coleus: cultivated for their variegated leaves, typically marked with red, yellow, or white: family Lamiaceae (labiates)
[C19: from New Latin, from Greek koleos, variant of koleon sheath; from the way in which the stamens are joined]


(ˈkoʊ li əs)

n., pl. -us•es.
any of several Old World tropical plants of the genus Coleus, of the mint family, cultivated for their colorful leaves.
[1865–70; < New Latin < Greek koleós, variant of koleónsheath]
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Noun1.coleus - any of various Old World tropical plants of the genus Coleus having multicolored decorative leaves and spikes of blue flowerscoleus - any of various Old World tropical plants of the genus Coleus having multicolored decorative leaves and spikes of blue flowers
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
genus Coleus - genus of Old World tropical plants cultivated for their variegated leaves; various plants sometimes placed in genera Plectranthus or Solenostemon
Coleus amboinicus, Coleus aromaticus, country borage, Plectranthus amboinicus - an aromatic fleshy herb of India and Ceylon to South Africa; sometimes placed in genus Plectranthus
Coleus blumei, Joseph's coat, painted nettle, Solenostemon blumei, Solenostemon scutellarioides - perennial aromatic herb of southeastern Asia having large usually bright-colored or blotched leaves and spikes of blue-violet flowers; sometimes placed in genus Solenostemon
نَباتُ الكوليوس
kın çiçeği


(ˈkouliəs) noun
a type of plant with variegated leaves.
References in classic literature ?
Against the uniform sheet of snow and the greyish winter sky the Italian villa loomed up rather grimly; even in summer it kept its distance, and the boldest coleus bed had never ventured nearer than thirty feet from its awful front.
Coleus, also known as solenostemon, is unsurpassed for adding intense, hot colour to a tropical-themed display.
After trying natural therapies, theories, lotions and potions, it was eventually only coffee and Coleus Forskholii application that did the trick.
in towns all -Clevedon counsels, counsel, consul, coleus, Minehead, Radstock, D.
We are very excited to offer a new and unique dwarf-growing Coleus plant which produces truly outstanding orange-coloured foliage during the summer months.
Tenders are invited for Providing And Displaying Of Coleus Plants At Site Of Work in connection with M/O Garden Area Attached To Mps Bungalows/Flats Under Horticulture Sub Division-3/Ii, Cpwd, New Delhi Dg.
But for rich and vibrant foliage, often with variegated leaves, coleus and begonias are beauties - although they are not the hardiest.
Temperature: On the coastline 20 degrees Celsius low to 30 degrees Celsius high On the mountain range: 20 degrees Celsius low to 29 degrees Celsius high In the Interior range: 19 degrees Celsius low to 35 degrees Celsius high At Al-Arz: 15 degrees Coleus low to 21 degrees Celsius high - Surface wind: Northern-western to southen-western, gusting between 10 and 30 Km/hr.
Since 2004, the company has been working with farmers on cultivation programs for Coleus and other herbs, and has been successful in training farmers to grow high quality raw materials for Sabinsa and its manufacturing arm, Sami Labs.
While many of the plants deemed "tropical,'' such as coleus, could have difficulty with cold temperatures (below 50 degrees F.
One of the easiest ways to achieve color is to use plants with colorful foliage such as coleus, as they will have showy foliage all winter.
Among the fall trees on a colorful leafy carpet, a simple, antique French table with a rustic setting abounds with log rounds for placemats and vintage china with muted scenes placed among ferns, various varieties of colorful leafy coleus, goldenrod, Artemisia, pumpkins, fruits, and berries.