colic artery

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Noun1.colic artery - arteries that supply blood to the coloncolic artery - arteries that supply blood to the colon
arteria, arterial blood vessel, artery - a blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the body
abdomen, belly, stomach, venter - the region of the body of a vertebrate between the thorax and the pelvis
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Typically, embolus lodges at the major branch distal to the middle colic artery, preserving the blood supply of transverse colon and proximal jejunum.
Embolisms tend to lodge just beyond the origin of the middle colic artery, where the calibre of the SMA narrows rapidly and ischaemia therefore spares the upper jejunum and transverse colon [5].
On angiography, there was active extravasation in the territory of the right colic artery, which was successfully embolized by placing multiple microcoils (size: 0.
Superior mesenteric artery angiogram showed abnormal serpiginous vessels in relation to the right colic artery.
Iliocolic and right branch of middle colic artery were identified and ligated, right hemicolectomy and Ileotransverse anastomosis was done, and the abdomen was closed.
1983), while observing by arteriography the anatomy of the abdominal viscera and the lombar region in caprines, carnivores, swine and rabbits, report that the cranial mesenteric artery, in these species, is originated from the following branches: middle colic artery, the most developed branch, which anastomoses with the left gastroepiploic artery; ileocolic artery, where, in goats and rabbits, it is the first released branch; cranial duodenal pancreatic artery; and several jejunal arteries anastomose themselves, originating arches.