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 (kŏl′ĭ-sĭn, kō′lĭ-)
Any of various antibacterial proteins produced by certain strains of E. coli that inhibit or kill closely related species or strains of bacteria.

[New Latin colī, specific epithet of Escherichia colī; see E. coli + -(i)c + -in.]


(ˈkɒlɪsɪn) or


a bacteriocidal protein
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Sequence homology analysis has revealed that Usp shares homology with nuclease-type bacteriocins such as colicin E9 and pyocin AP41.
coli bacteria, called Colicin N, which kills competing bacteria in a very efficient way.
In fact, one of the oldest known so-called colicins was called colicin V and is now know as microcin V.
Resistance to drugs and heavy metals, colicin production, and biochemical characteristics of selected bovine and porcine Escherichia coli strains.