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Decorin, an antifibrotic agent, regulates collagen fibrils and is mostly expressed by fibroblasts, myocytes, and smooth muscle cells.
The resulting 3D structure enables cells to easily grow in and helps cell migration as well as formation of the body's own collagen fibrils and fibers.
5,6,7) In the procedure, ultraviolet-A (UV-A) irradiation causes riboflavin to form triplets and release reactive oxygen species such as singlet oxygen and superoxide, which form new covalent bonds between the amino acids of adjacent collagen fibrils (photopolymerization).
Irregular deposition of collagen fibrils could be attributed to disruption of collagen cross-links hence preventing the orderly arrangement of the extracellular matrix.
Dental adhesives and strategies for displacement of water/solvents from collagen fibrils.
Collagen fibrils that have been exposed will function as a network of micro-retentive for micromechanical interlocking of the polymer resin.
A morphometric analysis of collagen-fibrils in tendon tissue of treadmill-trained mice demonstrated that there was a disappearance of collagen fibrils and, then, a reappearance of thick instead of thin fibrils from the 3rd wk to the 5th wk (14).
The gelatinous mesogleal ECM of jellyfish (class Scyphozoa) exhibits a three-dimensional network of thin collagen fibrils (Gambini et al.
21] showed that in the OA menisci there was a significant reduction in the average diameter of collagen fibrils and the percentage of area where these fibrils were placed, but at the same time there was an increase in the number of fibrils per unit of area.
The EDTA acts as a stabilizer of these collagen fibrils, while the mannitol provides physiologic osmolality.
Below that, there's the dermis, This layer is a complicated matrix of connective tissue, collagen fibrils and microfibrils.
Higher magnification view of the composition of the connective tissue in pulmonary apical cap, consisting of an admixture of eosinophilic mature collagen fibrils (prominent in [A]), and basophilic elastin fibrils (prominent in [B]) (hematoxylin-eosin, original magnification X100 [A and B]).