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Adj.1.collapsable - capable of collapsing or being collapsed; "a collapsible boat"
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Collapsable stocks are considerably more expensive, though definitely add to the HK 'cool-factor' and are surprisingly useful as they are handy.
Kieron Dalton, 23, of Nicholls Street, Hillfields, admitted carrying an offensive weapon - a collapsable police baton - in public, and possessing five small bags of the class B drug cannabis.
A nifty collapsable design means they can be stashed away in your pocket safely.
Because the BCB Sandbagger is collapsable and can be erected in seconds, it speeds up transportation, storage and filling in the "field" where the sandbags are needed.
He was spotted by Hancock struggling to unfold his collapsable bike in one of the executive boxes at the end of the Aston Villa v Manchester United clash last Saturday.
Undercuts in an injection-molded tool require slides or collapsable cores in the mold.