Collar beam

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(Arch.) a horizontal piece of timber connecting and tying together two opposite rafters; - also, called simply collar.

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This flintstone former infirmary, (whose well-preserved roof with its collar beams is considered one of the finest examples of 14th-century craftsmanship in this part of England), had seen service as a schoolroom and a barn.
Two, two-by-six inch collar beams crossed at right angles some nine feet off the floor tying four of the hip rafters together.
New construction Drywall walls and linings approximately 300 mA, : Suspended ceiling about 320 mA, : Tag F90 clothing hollow core slabs about 1700 mA, : F90 clothing beamed ceiling, collar beams and rafters of 2100 mA, : Drywall walls and linings approximately 880 mA, : F90 clothing of steel beams 350 m, : Suspended acoustic ceiling 2800 m, : Dry floor 600 sqm, : Thermal insulation work 1100 mA,