collateral vessel

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col·lat·er·al ves·sel

n. vaso colateral.
1. rama de una arteria que sigue el curso paralela al tronco protector;
2. un vaso que sigue su curso paralelo a otro vaso, nervio u otra estructura mayor. V.: vas collaterale.
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01); however, the decrease in serum Ang-2 after PCI was not correlated with Gensini scores, coronary collateral vessel grading, or left ventricular ejection fraction.
Dr Hariawala told ANI that President Bush's healthy lifestyle may have delayed the onset of critical heart disease by several years due to collateral vessel formation, and perhaps also helped in " Fast Tracking " his recovery from his Stent procedure.
Progression of the disease from 2006 - 2012 was demonstrated over serial MR examinations, which clearly demonstrated progressive collateral vessel formation around the brainstem as well as progressive narrowing of the ICAs bilaterally.
A potential evidence to explain the reason behind the devastating prognosis of coronary artery disease in uraemic patients: renal insufficiency is associated with poor coronary collateral vessel development.
It is represented as a long tortuous vessel that looks more likely as a collateral vessel rather than the actual renal vein.
This is probably related to the observation that even if it is necessary to sacrifice the inferior ulnar collateral vessel to allow anterior transposition, this has not been shown to result in either permanent ischemia or functional compromise.
The improvement in angina often lasts for many months after treatment ends, a phenomenon believed to be due in part to stimulation of collateral vessel formation.
The purpose of the trial is to facilitate formation of bypass vessels by accelerating a natural process called angiogenesis or collateral vessel formation," Dr.
This resultant effect is provision of a large pool of oxygen rich collateral vessel network which supports circulation to the failing heart, thus giving early relief of angina related symptoms.
Patients may pres ent with hematuria, proteinuria, collateral vessel formation and pain.