collateral vessel

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col·lat·er·al ves·sel

n. vaso colateral.
1. rama de una arteria que sigue el curso paralela al tronco protector;
2. un vaso que sigue su curso paralelo a otro vaso, nervio u otra estructura mayor. V.: vas collaterale.
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This important study quantitatively evaluated coronary collateral blood flow in 845 patients with coronary artery disease during a 10-year follow-up period and showed that long-term cardiac mortality was approximately 66% lower in patients with a highly developed collateral vessel blood supply (p=0.
Endothelial cell progenitors have also been isolated from human peripheral blood and may be useful for augmenting collateral vessel growth to ischemic tissues and instituting therapeutic angiogenesis.
New micro-vessel development naturally occurs in the embryo, but in the adult organism it requires tissue injury (such as ischemia) to initiate a regenerative process, including collateral vessel formation.
Front Voyager, a collateral vessel related to the Notes (the "Vessel"), and its release as collateral under the related collateral agreements (the "Sale and Release").
Nitric oxide (NO) which represents the status of endothelial health plays a major role in collateral vessel development.
It was shown that exercise and high dose statin usage increases collateral vessel development (3, 4).
These results are very exciting because most humans suffering from ischemic cardiac events, either acutely or chronically, do not develop the collateral vessel growth necessary to preserve and restore heart tissue.
The GenVec CRADAs aim to test and compare other gene therapy products that would be expected to slow the reclosure of blood vessels, and accelerate collateral vessel growth in myocardium.
Omnisonics' ultrasonic technology is designed to improve the effectiveness of endovascular procedures through an acoustic mechanism that removes occlusive materials without collateral vessel damage.