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In this journey, the convergence of intellectual labour and community aspirations is likely to start a process of collectivised problem-solving unconstrained by the politics of identity, conspicuous consumption and plutocracy.
She toiled on the village's collectivised fields, just as Xiao left the prison and took a job guarding a tobacco plantation.
Craftspeople, farmers and workers are no longer collectivised and family-run businesses are returning.
Taxes and the banking system have been abolished, land and business deserted by supporters of the Syrian regime have been collectivised and used for the benefit of all.
He predicted that if Germany were to end its opposition to collectivised European debt obligations that they would come into existence.
Many Germans, especially conservatives who support Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU), are firmly opposed to any sort of collectivised debt in Europe and especially the creation of euro zone bonds.
One corner of the Kempton bar appears to be hosting a Politburo office outing - a group of red-nosed men in lustrous black fur hats are debating the future of collectivised farming and the chances of Richard Hannon's runner in the 4.
Agriculture was collectivised in North Korea half a century ago.
In parts The Angry Brigade was a re-educational project, providing accessible explanations of communal living and collectivised childcare, or the difference between communism and grassroots direct action.