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 (kə-lē′jē-əl, -jəl)
1. Full of or conducive to good will among colleagues; friendly and respectful: an office with a collegial atmosphere.
a. Characterized by or having power and authority vested equally among colleagues: "He ... prefers a collegial harmony that will present him with a consensus on the issues" (Time).
b. Roman Catholic Church Characterized by the equal sharing of power among the bishops.

[Middle English, from Latin collēgiālis, of colleagues, from collēgium, association; see collegium.]

col·le′gi·al·ly adv.


1. (Education) of or relating to a college
2. having authority or power shared among a number of people associated as colleagues
colˈlegially adv
colˌlegiˈality n


(kəˈli dʒəl, -dʒi əl; for 2 also kəˈli gi əl)

1. collegiate.
2. (of colleagues) sharing responsibility in a group endeavor.
[1300–50; Middle English < Latin collēgiālis. See college, -al1]
col•le′gi•al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.collegial - characterized by or having authority vested equally among colleagues; "collegial harmony"; "a tendency to turn from collegial to one-man management"- Merle Fainsod
2.collegial - of or resembling or typical of a college or college students; "collegiate living"; "collegiate attitudes"; "collegiate clothes"
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And there is a good chance that the people involved in creating the radical innovation will be overlooked or shunned by managers and collegial peers who are more interested in things proceeding the way they have always done rather than in what is potentially a discontinuity in that status quo.
Becoming familiar and experienced with collegial processes in
Working in a generally collegial style, British regulators have been prompting industry to reduce its pollution output since the venerable Alkali Inspectorate (sounds like a Monty Python sketch) was established in 1874 and given sanction to impose whatever strictures it deemed appropriate.
When collegial relations broke down, however, the bishop and the chapter found themselves in mortal combat over their respective prerogatives.
In visiting nursing homes throughout the United States, and based on comments by our members, I've found that the best facilities are those in which a collegial relationship exists among the nursing home administrator, the Director of Nursing and other department heads.
Typically, programs were short-term and not linked to an ongoing, collegial program with opportunities for multiple models of professional development.
Maimonides has always approached the implementation of information technology in a collegial fashion, opening our doors to other institutions," said Pamela S.
But I also believe the Catholic church should exercise its authority in a much more collegial way," said Bishop Patten, the Anglican bishop of Wakefield in England.
Benjamin Barshay--Barshay Brokerage Real Estate, Rebecca Mason--Caran Properties and Regina Wierbowski--Wierbowski Real Estate reveled in the collegial atmosphere.
The program is structured as a two year experience where shared visioning, dialogue, collaboration, collegial coaching, inquiry/action research, and shared learning are facilitated in the context of teacher problem-solving the development of best practices in their schools and classrooms.
And while collegial to one another, the four challengers use every opportunity to savage Hahn and his leadership skills - sometimes taking turns, sometimes as a group.
The first step in dealing with disruptive conduct should be collegial intervention.

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