collegiate institute

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collegiate institute

(Education) Canadian (in certain provinces) a large secondary school with an academic, rather than vocational, emphasis

colle′giate in′stitute

(in Canada) a fully accredited high school teaching academic subjects under the supervision of a provincial government.
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Tony Leong, Music Teacher--Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate Institute
They wanted Asa Mahan (a Cincinnati pastor and the only member of the Lane Board of Trustees to side with the students) to be elected president of Oberlin Collegiate Institute, and they wanted John Morgan (the only Lane faculty member who had sided with the students) to be appointed to the Oberlin faculty.
He says stem cell treatment has allowed him to return to his job teaching woodskills at Warrington Collegiate Institute.
I've been committed to teaching far over 23 years and have juggled the two roles while teaching at The Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn.
2002: The college took over the higher education faculty of the Warrington Collegiate Institute campus in Padgate.
This twinning initiative will encourage Native and non-Native students to build bridges between their communities," said Bartleman during the announcement at the Jarvis Collegiate Institute in Toronto.
He is involved in many outside activities including the North of England Zoological Society where he is a council member, a2e Venture Catalysts and Warrington Collegiate Institute.
Both of us were from the East, were students and teachers at Concordia Collegiate Institute in Bronxville, New York, and pastors in the Atlantic District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.
On May 26 Grant attended the Peace Education Resource Fair held at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto to promote Ploughshares material and our CIDA-funded curriculum project with Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute in Kitchener.
Carolyn Ganes is a 6-3 senior post player from Aden Bowman High School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and Yadili Okwumabua is a 6-2 senior forward from Glenlawn Collegiate Institute in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Her desire to rid herself of her "Italianness" intensified at Port Arthur Collegiate Institute.
Bethune Collegiate Institute, Scarborough, Ontario (Chinese White Dolphin)

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