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Noun1.collet chuck - a cone-shaped chuck used for holding cylindrical pieces in a lathecollet chuck - a cone-shaped chuck used for holding cylindrical pieces in a lathe
chuck - a holding device consisting of adjustable jaws that center a workpiece in a lathe or center a tool in a drill
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Tenders are invited for Set of manually actuated collet chuck for vmc
The machine accommodates a diaphragm or collet chuck, a shoe centerless magnetic chuck, or a disc drive roll centerless arrangement.
The new Widia universal high-precision collet chuck is available with pull-out protection.
A collet chuck that allows a workpiece to advance without manual realignment to compensate for axial tube motion.
To meet the special needs of its customers, Tung Hsiang also develops and produces a variety of peripheral equipment including automatic feeling and cutting machines, rubber slitting machines, vacuum-type oil seal trimming machines, oil seal and metal case assembly machines, oil seal and spring loading machines, collet chuck type oil seal trimming machines, high-speed oil seal garter spring jointing machines, and oil seal garter spring coiling machines.
The company's accessory series includes an oil seal rotation testing machine, a collet chuck type cutting machine, an automatic ring cone type cutting machine, a knife grinding machine, a square ring cutting machine, a vacuum type cutting machine, an automatic rotary four station cutting machine, an automatic feeding and cutting machine, a rubber slitting machine and a seal adhesive applying machine.
Collet Chuck RCA Plugs - To ensure proper connection and minimize accidental disconnection, the RCA cables utilize Collet chuck plugs to tighten and lock them in place.
8220;Providing an ER collet chuck and quick change system in one toolholder allows you to buy many fewer tools than you would have to otherwise,” says Anthony DeHart, Director of Sales & Business Development at WTO USA.
The Production Dynamics Full Bore collet chuck increases the through-hole capacity of lathe spindles 25-30 percent.
In its compressed state, the collet can then be inserted into the collet chuck, where the hooks on the rear of the collet segments become axially aligned with a retaining groove in the chuck.
An encoder attached to the spindle enables synchronized high-speed rigid tapping with a standard collet chuck.
Solid carbide drills combined with a chamfer collar collet chuck system can be used instead of special step-drills in many applications from 5/32" - 3/4".