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Depending on the quantity of particles, especially molecules or ions, but not on their chemical nature: colligative properties.


(General Physics) (of a physical property of a substance) depending on the concentrations of atoms, ions, and molecules that are present rather than on their nature


(ˈkɒl ɪˌgeɪ tɪv)

(of the properties of a substance) depending on the number of molecules or atoms rather than on their nature.
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2015) and an increased requirement for a colligative antifreeze (Duman, 2001; Stryer et al.
PVS2 is not used solely for dehydration; it is essential for avoiding water crystallization but also has a colligative effect during cryopreservation, reducing molecule mobility and allowing cell vitrification during immersion into LN (VOLK; WALTERS, 2006).
The colligative properties of the viscous liquid are designed to absorb heat and protect the function group of the agent when the rounds detonate.
Based on inspection of the pH values and colligative properties in Table 2, a range of solutions of amended SSP (1% P) was prepared.
glycerol, sorbitol or inositol) function as colligative and/or non-colligative cryoprotectants, enhancing the level of cold hardiness and thus increasing the chances of winter survival (Gekko and Timasheff, 1981; Zachariassen, 1985; Storey and Storey, 1991; Lee, 1991; Kostal et al.