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A tall iced drink made with liquor, such as gin, carbonated water, sugar, and lemon or lime juice.

[Probably from the name Collins.]


(Brewing) a tall fizzy iced drink made with gin, vodka, rum, etc, mixed with fruit juice, soda water, and sugar
[C20: probably after the proper name Collins]


1. (Biography) Michael. 1890–1922, Irish republican revolutionary: a leader of Sinn Féin; member of the Irish delegation that negotiated the treaty with Great Britain (1921) that established the Irish Free State
2. (Biography) (William) Wilkie. 1824–89, British author, noted particularly for his suspense novel The Moonstone (1868)
3. (Biography) William. 1721–59, British poet, noted for his odes; regarded as a precursor of romanticism


(ˈkɒl ɪnz)

(often cap.) a tall drink made with gin or other spirits, lemon or lime juice, sugar, and soda water.
[1940–45; after the proper name Collins]


(ˈkɒl ɪnz)

1. Michael, 1890–1922, Irish revolutionist and patriot.
2. William, 1721–59, English poet.
3. (William) Wilkie, 1824–89, English novelist.
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Noun1.collins - English writer noted for early detective novels (1824-1889)Collins - English writer noted for early detective novels (1824-1889)
2.collins - tall iced drink of liquor (usually gin) with fruit juicecollins - tall iced drink of liquor (usually gin) with fruit juice
highball - a mixed drink made of alcoholic liquor mixed with water or a carbonated beverage and served in a tall glass
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No chance of Zepps over here, I should say," Collins declared, a little didactically.
So well had Harris Collins built on his father's foundation that the place was considered a model of sanitation and kindness.
All of which required money which Harris Collins did not grudge, but which strained the earning capacity of his animal-training school.
A great deal of the work was done by his assistants, but it was Harris Collins who taught them continually what to do and how to do it, and who himself, on more important animals, did the work and showed them how.
But Michael was not received by Harris Collins, who, at the moment, sat in his private office, Harry Del Mar's last telegram on his desk, writing a memorandum to his secretary to query the railroad and the express companies for the whereabouts of a dog, crated and shipped by one, Harry Del Mar, from Seattle and consigned to Cedarwild.
For Harris Collins was scientific and antiseptic to the last word in his handling of animals, and Michael was scientifically made clean, without deliberate harshness, but without any slightest hint of gentleness or consideration.
Michael had yet to meet Harris Collins, although, from a distance, often he heard his voice, not loud, but very imperative.
Collins, who, when I am dead, may turn you all out of this house as soon as he pleases.
Collins was punctual to his time, and was received with great politeness by the whole family.
Andy Collins found his future in a box of old letters.
Ari Parnes, managing director of Collins Group LLC, announced the Group's acquisition of Weatherly Apartments, a 224-unit community in Stone Mountain, Georgia.
Gary Collins, owner and operator of Garden City Healthcare Center (GCHC)in Modesto, Calif.

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