collision zone

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col·li·sion zone

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The district is one big collision zone of people, ideas and opportunity," says Aljoud Lootah from her d3 studio.
Characterized by high seismic activity and situated in the active collision zone of Arabian plate with Eurasian, the territory of Azerbaijan has complicated block structures differing from each other by the level of seismic activity.
Baluchistan is located at the southern front of collision zone.
Here, we introduce the concepts of the instantaneous collision zone and the persistent collision zone.
You have got to get off your line so quickly in defence and, as I said before, the collision zone is absolutely massive.
Charlotte Acton's journey has taken her from Cambridge, where she trained as a seismologist, to the Himalayas and Tibetan plateau, where she studied the crustal and mantle structure of the India Asia collision zone.
GPS constraints on continental deformation in the Africa-Arabia-Eurasia continental collision zone and implications for the dynamics of plate interactions, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 111(B5).
Because Turkey is a seismically active area within the collision zone of the Eurasian Plate and both the African and Arabian Planes, it is considered a hotspot for potential damaging hazards.
Blindside Tom Wood and Chris Robshaw worked hard but were unable to seize control of the collision zone.
It occurred in a geological collision zone, where the Indian tectonic plate pushes north into the Eurasian plate, moving the ground an average of 2cm a year.
Each of those particles provides a clue about what occurred inside the collision zone.
The collision zone was brutal with several players reeling away from the contact grabbing their heads, shoulders and ribs as they were hammered by their opponents.

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