collision zone

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col·li·sion zone

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Because Turkey is a seismically active area within the collision zone of the Eurasian Plate and both the African and Arabian Planes, it is considered a hotspot for potential damaging hazards.
Blindside Tom Wood and Chris Robshaw worked hard but were unable to seize control of the collision zone.
It occurred in a geological collision zone, where the Indian tectonic plate pushes north into the Eurasian plate, moving the ground an average of 2cm a year.
Each of those particles provides a clue about what occurred inside the collision zone.
The collision zone was brutal with several players reeling away from the contact grabbing their heads, shoulders and ribs as they were hammered by their opponents.
One possibility is that the enormous heat and density in the collision zone actually liquefied the tiny bits of matter.
Scientists have known for some time that India is subducting under Asia, and have recently begun studying the complexity of this volatile collision zone in greater detail, particularly the fault that separates the two plates, the Main Himalayan Thrust (MHT).
The area lies in a collision zone between the African and European tectonic plates.
First, Yunnan province rests on a seismic collision zone that causes frequent rock Palls and landslides along the nine-mile-long gorge.
As each nucleus decays, it releases a positron which immediately collides with an electron, releasing two gamma rays that travel away from the collision zone at 180 degrees from each other.
Geographically, Pakistan lies in the collision zone of the India tectonic plate to the south and the Eurasian plate to the north.
What was good is that it was a huge physical contest, especially in midfield - the collision zone was really intense.

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